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Freezer Paper Stencils…So Fun!

Saturday, June 25

I can’t believe that I forgot all about these!  I was getting together with a dear friend of mine not that long ago when she mentioned a project she was working on that used freezer paper stencils. I used to make freezer paper stencils as a kid and can’t believe that I haven’t done anything with them since. They are such an easy way to create custom stencils to personalize so many things.

I found a set of plain place mats laying around that needed a little attention. This was the perfect way to spice them up a bit.

The great thing about freezer paper is it’s double sided-ness. The parchment paper side can be printed on and the waxy side allows you to adhere it to your fabric when ironed.

The first thing you want to do is cut your freezer paper down to a size that will go through your printer. Since the design I chose was too big to print in one piece I had to divide it into section in order to print it. This was the trickiest part of the project. The place mats I used were 14×20 so I figured I could cut the design into four parts and print each part on a separate 8.5×11 piece of freezer paper.

Make sure that you print the design on the parchment side. The ink from your printer wont adhere to the waxy side.

After printing our your designs cut them out with an x-acto knife. Then lay them on your desired surface wax sided down. Use a hot iron to adhere them. Make sure that every part of your pattern is ironed down well so that the paint doesn’t leak underneath the stencil.

Using fabric paint and a stencil brush you can then paint inside your stencil. Circular motions work best for stencils. Make sure that when you paint over the stencil you don’t paint so hard that you remove the stencil from the fabric.

Once your paint has dried you can easily remove the stencil by pulling if off the fabric.

Here are the patterns I used and the finished place mats. I used the same image of a flower four different ways so that my place mats would be similar yet different at the same time.

The fun thing about these stencils is you can do just about anything with them. They are also so easy to do that they make great projects for kids.

My son had fun creating his own t-shirts while I was creating place mats.

He was able to do all the stencil work while I just added the finishing touches to the final project.

If you are making a project with more than one color just print out multiple patterns, one for each color. Once the fabric paint is dry you can iron on a new stencil over the top for the other colors.

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