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Individually Wrapped Cookies

Monday, May 9

I did a post a few weeks ago on Easter Sugar cookies and I wanted to do a post this week showing you a few ways to package them up. Cute cookies need to be showcased in a special way. These ideas are great for showers, wedding favors or just for giving as gifts.

Individually wrapped cookies take a bit of time but they are perfect for special events. I’ve added a .pdf file of the pattern so you can easily make them out of whatever paper you would like to. I recommend using a velum or wax coated paper so the oils in the cookies don’t leak through the paper.  Print the pattern on the back of the paper, cut out, fold along the lines and insert cookie. They are that easy.

You can punch holes in two of the panels so that you can tie the package shut. I used small grommets so the holes would have more strength. Stickers also work great and are a quicker solution.

I was at the craft store and found these aluminum tins. I though they would be perfect for holding cookies. Each tin held 5 cookies. I looked for rectangular stickers to seal the tin shut but couldn’t find any I liked. I used a patterned paper instead that I cut into strips and applied with double back tape.

This idea is a bit out of the box, but I love it! Paper CD cases work great to individually wrap cookies. They are just about the right size and already have a built-in window to showcase your creative decorating work!

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