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Paper Poppies

Thursday, July 21

I made these poppies when I made the Coffee Filter Roses for my wedding. I wanted the cost effectiveness of doing my own flowers without having to spend hours on them the day before the wedding. That is why I chose to do all paper flowers. They are easy, beautiful and they last forever.

I chose vellum paper because of it’s translucent quality. It added more depth to these flowers and made them feel less paper like. Usually people think of white when they think of vellum, but vellum comes in so many colors these days you can get what you want.  I chose a vellum with a pearly finish. It worked great with my wedding theme.

To begin you are going to need to cut out paper circles. I used a hole punch to make the project easier since I was making hundreds (felt like thousands) of these. The size of the punch depends on the final size of flower you would like. I believe I used a 2″ punch. It could have been a 2 1/2″ punch. Here are the next steps…

After you have finished the last step you will want to glue the flower together. The half pedal that you cut out is used as a tab to glue the flower together. (image a)

A floral wire and floral tape are used for the stems. Make a small curl at the top of the wire and then wrap it in floral tape. (image b)

There is already a small hole at the bottom of the pedals so you can easily slide them onto the wire. If the tape on the wire isn’t enough you hold the pedals on, you can wrap another small piece of tape around the wire underneath the pedals so they don’t slide down. (image c)

That’s it! Here are some examples of the flowers in use from my wedding. Enjoy!

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