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Saying Goodbye

Thursday, June 30

About four years ago I moved into the townhouse I am currently living in. The house was wonderful but it needed a bit of updating. One of the rooms that needed the most updating was the basement bathroom but unfortunately I used up all my funds updating the rest of the house and didn’t have much money left over to put into the bathroom. So I had to get creative.

I found that one of the most inexpensive ways to update any room is with paint and with a little extra creativity you can make a bucket of paint go a long way. The room was a long way from where I wanted it to be but still thousand times better than what it was.

Here is my tribute to Audrey. She has served me well. Now sadly she rests under 2 layers of new paint. But after 4 long years I guess it is time to finally get to the basement bath. Unfortunately the bathroom with be updated just in time for me to move out. I hope the next occupant enjoys the updates!

Here is the picture I used for inspiration. I find the easiest way to enlarge an image like this is to use the grid method. Draw a grid on the image you are going to paint and match that grid, to scale, on your wall.  That way you will only have a small area to focus on when you are drawing the image. Taking on a large painting chunk by chunk is less overwhelming than trying to draw the whole image at one time.


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