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Dressing Your Table with Lemons

Tuesday, March 8

Here are a few easy place setting ideas you can do with lemons. They don’t take much time but they will brighten up your table settings.

Dried lemons are easy to make. Just place lemon slices on parchment paper and slip into a low temp oven. I set mine as low as it will go, around 125 degrees. If it is too high, your lemons will turn brown. It will take a good hour to an hour and a half to dry out. Flip them half way through to speed the drying process along.

If you have the time you can air dry them for a day or two. That works just as well.

This is one of my favorites because it serves two purposes, decorating the table but also as an addition to the meal. If you are serving a dish, like fish, that goes well with fresh squeezed lemon consider dressing the table with a lemon wrapped in cheesecloth. The cheesecloth not only looks cute, but will prevent seed from falling into your dinner as you squeeze the lemon.

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