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Vineyard Wedding Invitation

Friday, February 18

I thought I would do a short post on the wedding invitations I designed for our wedding. I’ve seen a trend in the invites that have been coming through my door lately, and it’s not a good one. People seem to be in a rut when it comes to wedding invites. They all look the same. Weddings are as unique as the people getting married and their invites should reflect that.

I recently got married (to the love of my life) in a vineyard in St. Croix Falls. It was the most beautiful fall day we could have imagined. 86 degrees, sunny and slightly breezy. Since our venue was slightly out of the box of normal I wanted the invites that I sent to reflect that. So I came up with these.

I’m posting them because I want you to see that with a little thinking outside the box and a little bit of work you don’t have to settle for just any invite. You can create something a bit more wonderful.

Now I haven’t found a printer yet that would print and  put these together for a reasonable price. So it may take a bit a work on your part if you want something like them, but it is easier than you think and worth the time. I recruited a team and we whipped through them in an afternoon.

I think the first step to making your own invite is to choose your envelope. It is so much easier to design around an envelope than to try to find one that fits your design. I used a #10 envelope. It’s not out of the box as far as envelopes go but it is out of the box as far as wedding invites.

I wanted a heavier invite but I could find a printer that would print such a short run on the kind of stock paper I wanted so I decided to apply a back to my invites. I went to my local paper store and found a card stock that I liked that came in parent sheets and had them cut them to size. Buy paper by the large parent sheet will allow you to get the most cuts out of your paper with the least waste.


Office Max printed the invites for me. I think they did a great job for the money. I was able to print two to a page and I had them cut them down for me as well. Neither the printer or paper store was able to round the corners for me, so I purchased a corner punch at the craft store and punched away. It was a lot of punching! I think we counted something like 5600 punches total. My hand ached when I was done.

Gluing the invites to the backs was the final step. Spay glue is the easiest and quickest, but it is also the messiest. Once you have them done it’s time to wrap them up and ship them off.

I wrapped these in mulberry tissue. Mulberry tissue is rich with texture and adds a lot to the final product. After wrapping them I closed them with our seal. The seal is really a label from a wine we had on Valentines day called Gascon. I recreated it with all of our information on it and a picture of the chateau where the wedding was held.

There you have it! It wasn’t so hard. A little thinking outside the box and you can have a wonderful invite that speaks to the uniqueness of you and your event too.

I’ve been asked what the font is that I used for the invites. It’s called Burgues Script. It is a beautiful font that is perfect for special events such as weddings. And the best part about this font is that it isn’t over used and seen every where. It’s sold exclusively through Veer.


I just found out that Veer is offering 10 credits towards any product just for signing up. If your in the market for a new font, make sure you sign up with them so you can apply the 10 free credits.

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