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Wonderland in the park

Friday, March 16

The sun is shining and the snow has melted and I’m just now posting about a winter gala I had the chance to work on last November. I think I am a bit behind on things. Better late than never, I guess.

This last winter Tasha, a dear friend of mine, and I had the opportunity to work on the decor for a hospital fundraiser, and we had a blast doing it. We had two major challenges with this project that caused us to get a bit creative with our design ideas. First, the gala was held in an American Legion. Which, to put it nicely, didn’t provide the kind of backdrop we were hoping to have for this event. Secondly, we were on a budget. We had a huge space to transform with limited funds.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take very many pictures before the event began. But I got a few, even if they aren’t the best.

One of my favorite projects we worked on was the trees. The trees made a huge impact on the design, and very little impact on the wallet. At first we were going to try to tie branches together to create ‘trees’. But that ended up being way too much work and didn’t really give us the look we wanted. So I called around and found a local tree farm that just happened to have a field of baby apple trees that had died and about to get burned. So Tasha and I (and my wonderful husband) went out to the field and cut down 28, 9 foot, trees by hand and hauled them back to town. We flocked them with ceiling spray and up lit them to make a spectacular backdrop for our winter event.

My second favorite part of the decor were the 500 tea lights hanging from the ceiling. We used plastic ornaments, which we hung with fishing line, to hand hang our batter operated lights. Although the photos don’t do them justice, they really made the place enchanting!

Overall the evening was a big success, and we found that even on a tight budget you can create an amazing atmosphere for any event.

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