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2010 SuperBowl Cake

Wednesday, December 22

I made two of these cakes last year for superbowl parties. They were a fun way to celebrate and fun to make.

I’ve seen a lot of cake designers pipe on grass with butter cream frosting. In fact they have a special piping tip to help give you the look of grass. But since this cake was covered in fondant I didn’t feel that butter cream grass would look right. I felt it had to be made of fondant too.

I had never made fondant grass before so the only idea i had was to use a garlic press to create it.

It worked! But it was really hard to do. In fact I broke one press in the process!! I will continue to look for better ways to make fondant grass. If you have ever done it before and have a better way, let me know. I would live to hear about it.

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