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Autumn Cake

Sunday, November 27

Sometimes I get ideas that I think are going to be quick and easy and they turn out taking more time than I thought…in fact, it seems like most of my crazy ideas end that way :)

Here is a birthday cake I made that I thought would be simple, and although I wouldn’t say it was overly complicated, I can’t say that it was quick and easy either.

I love the idea of using pirouettes to cover the cake. Pepperidge Farm makes great Hazelnut Chocolate pirouettes. It is a good thing that their pirouettes are tasty because they were the only ones I could find. I thought it would be an easy way to decorated this cake, but it turned out being more complicated than I had hoped for since I had to go to three stores in order to find the pirouettes.

I used white chocolate shavings to cover the top of the cake. That way I didn’t have to use fondant or be neat with the frosting. I’m not 100% satisfied with this cake, but overall I think it turned out well.


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