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Bauble cake

Sunday, June 12

So, I’ve been on a bit of a kick with these bauble cakes. I ended up making too many and in order to not let them go to waste I decided to experiment with decorating them and see where I got. I’m not as satisfied with this one as I am with the others, but I think it has potential. The concept is good. It could have used a bit more creativity in the piping though.

Of course it starts off the same way as any other bauble cake. There is just one more step to make in the process. Cutting out the indent. Click here for full tutorial.

The buttercream doesn’t look too smooth in these photos. But in order to make the fondant as smooth as it can be, you will need to get the buttercream as smooth as you can.

The tricky part of covering these in fondant is the tenancy for air holes to form in the pocket of the cake. The only way to avoid this is to take your time and press the fondant into the pocket of the cake before letting it cover the base of the cake.

I think I will be experimenting more with these cakes in the future. They have potential.

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