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Flowerpot Cupcake tutorial

Tuesday, June 7

A while ago I posted some pictures of cupcakes that I made for my moms birthday but I never got around to putting together a tutorial …until now. Like I mentioned in the last post I love creating gum paste flowers and decorations for cakes and cupcakes but sometime I don’t have the time to do it. This is an easy idea to make your cupcakes look great without spending endless hours working with gum paste.

If you want to see more images of these cupcakes you can check them out here.

The flowerpot cupcakes are super easy to make. You can pick up the mini flower pots at your local craft store. I believe I have seen them at flower stores as well.

You can bake your cupcakes right in the pots. Just clean them really well and insert a cupcake liner, fill like you would any other cupcake and bake.

The liner won’t touch the bottom of the pot. I was concerned at first that they might drop while baking but I found that if you have a tight enough fit they won’t. They will bake up like any other cupcake would. No need to adjust your oven temperature or anything.

What you need:

Hot glue
floral wire
paper pedals
stick on gems

The flowers I picked up at the craft store. I went there looking for some great paper that I could punch out and make into flowers but while I was looking I found these paper petal cut outs that were all ready to go.They sure make things easy these days.

With the petals already cut out all you need to do is glue them together. The set of petals that I picked up had two sizes so I was able to put two large ones on the bottom and top them with a smaller petal.

Inserting a wire into them will allow you to stick them into your cakes without having them touch the frosting, like in the flowerpot cupcakes. For the other cupcakes I skipped the wire and just set them on the frosting. Either way works.

The little signs were made out of wood that I found in the model boat section of the craft store. The reason I like using wood from the craft store is because it is so soft that you can cut it with a knife and not have to worry about getting out the saw.  A little hot glue and paint and I had some cute signs for my flower pot cup cakes.

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