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Martinis and Bunco

Tuesday, February 26

This week I was asked to come up with some fun cookies for a gals Bunco game night. All I know about Bunco is it involves dice and it is super fun. Oh, I also have read that if you add a few martinis to the mix it is even more fun! Maybe I will have to incorporate it into my next ladies night.

Well, I was so excited about coming up with some fun cookies designs for this event, that I overlooked one VERY important part of sugar cookie making. Make sure you have the cookie cutters you need before you say you can make them. Just a small detail I seemed to have over looked. After I hung up the phone, and after I had promised bunco, dice and martini cookies, it dawned on me that I don’t own letter cookie cutters or martini glass cookie cutter!

Well, unfortunately I live too far away from a store that sells cookie cutters. So going out and buying them wasn’t an option. So I did the only natural thing I could have done, I ran into a corner and cried!…ok, I didn’t really (not that I didn’t think about it). I decided it was time to get creative. After all, I had already promised these cookies. There wasn’t much else I could do.

I found some old letter stencils and I know how to draw a martini glass so I created my own patterns. I then used the stencil to cut the cookies out by hand. Thank goodness this was a small order of 24 cookies. If it had been a large one you would probably still be able to find me in the corner crying!

Now, I don’t recommend this process all the time. It is so much easier to plan ahead and make sure you have to proper tools for the job. But if you are in a pinch, it works. And I have to say that despite not having cutters, I think they turned out very cute.

A final piece of advice – if you are going to cut out your own cookies, make sure you choose a design that has lots of straight edges and not round ones. Hand cutting out round edges is only fun for the first cookie…ok, fine – the first one not fun either.


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