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Miniature Fruit Cakes

Friday, April 15

I love this little pear cake! It was this little cake that made me fall in love with cake decorating. This was the first cake I ever decorated…(besides a few cakes I did when I was nine). It was also the first time I ever used fondant. You can’t tell by the picture but it is the size of a real pear.

These little cake were a challenge primarily because of their size. Once you take into account buttercream icing and fondant there isn’t much cake under these little fruits, so carving them is a bit of a challenge. The key is to make sure your cake stays frozen. So carve fast! If your cake seems to be getting too soft, too fast, throw it back in the freezer quickly to get it to harden up a bit.

The pumpkin cakes were a bit easier since I was able to use miniature bundt cake pans. So the grooves were already in the cake, all I had to do was frost them. One bit of advice if you use the mini-bundt pans…grease them well!

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