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Star cakes…for the 4th!

Friday, July 1

It’s almost the 4th so I couldn’t help but makes some 4th of July cakes. I thought they would be a quick easy project but I was wrong. I have made petit fours in the past and they haven’t been so hard, so I was expecting these to be the same. What I didn’t account for was that the shape would make them extra tricky. One reason is that you have a lot more sides to cover. Another reason is that the points of the stars are more brittle so you have to be extra careful. But if you have the patience, they look great and that makes them worth the extra effort.

I had an extra cake in the freezer so it was all ready to go for me. Make sure that when you are cutting out your cakes, easiest is with a cookie cutter, that you have a frozen cake. It will be harder to cut through when frozen but you will be able to make clean cuts if it is.

I used a thin royal icing to cover them once I had them cut out. If they start to thaw you will want to make sure that you don’t touch them much since the points of the star are not that strong. I kept putting my in the freezer to keen them frozen. After placing them on a cooling rack pour the royal icing over the cakes and let the excess drip off. Allow the icing to harden before moving on to the next color.

I used colored royal icing as well for the stripes. But this time I applied it with a bag so I was able to get it where I wanted it.

If you take a bit of extra time with them they will turn out great. They aren’t the best project to make last minute though so plan ahead.

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