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Vineyard Wedding Cake

Wednesday, July 13

I made my wedding cake before I started creating cake tutorials so I don’t have an official tutorial to share with you…but since I have had quite a few people ask me how I made it I thought I would at least share a few tips with you.

I covered the entire cake in a marshmallow fondant. I added a bit of gum text to the fondant so that it would harden up a bit more than normal but not as much as gum paste. I also added a touch (like 1/4 teaspoon) of cocoa powder to the fondant to give it on off white color. The cocoa powder needs to be added when you are adding the powder sugar.

Once the fondant had some time to harden up a bit I colored the cake with luster dust  and pedal dust mixed with a bit of vodka. Liquor works better than water because the alcohol content allows it to evaporate quicker making it less sticky.

I mixed three different colors in order to get the antiqued look. If you don’t have a cake store need by where you can pick them up SugarCraft is a great place to order them online. The three colors were, PINK -Petal Dust, IVORY- Petal Dust and RED PEARL – Pearl Dust.

After the color was applied and dry I was able to pipe on the lace decorations. They were all hand piped and feathered out with a paint brush.

Instead of using a normal royal icing I opted for SugarVeil. If you have never heard of sugarveil before you really need to check it out. It is some amazing stuff. It works like royal icing but is flexible when dry which allows you to do some amazing things with it.

I used SugarVeil it allows for a more delicate look than royal icing.

The flowers were all made with gum paste and attached with floral wire. I used grape leaves instead of rose leave since we got married in a vineyard. The grape leaf fondant cutters and veiners I also purchased at SugarCraft.

Funny story: I have to say that the green fabric around the bottom of the cake wasn’t suppose to be there. I forgot to buy a cake plate….oops! I guess there are just too many details to pay attention to and sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t have perfection.

The bottom layer of  cake was placed on a piece of cake board that was bigger than the cake.  It stuck out making the bottom layer look rather unfinished. And, like most of you might know, once you place a cake that size on anything it is stuck there. There’s no moving it!

But, for all you brides-to-be, I just have to say that it doesn’t matter. You make due with what you have. Even if it is a green table runner covering the bottom of your cake. At the end of the day no one noticed, the cake tasted great, and I was married!!!

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