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  Two years ago I visited Disney with my family. We had an absolute blast! While we were at Hollywood Studios we stopped by the Brown Durby to get their famous Cobb salad. As legends go, the Brown Durby is home to the original Cobb salad. The salad is amazing and a must have if […]


By Whitney Stewart, Senior Editor for What says sunshine and warm weather more than lemon? Here’s one of those incredible cakes that makes the sugar statement every party needs. You can introduce it complete or make the final assembly part of the show…that’s what I did when I made this at Easter. A couple […]

I first tried this cake at Ikea, of all places. Who would have guessed that a furniture store would make and sell such a delicious little pastry. Not only was it beautiful in presentation but I was also very delicate and tasty

Sometimes I get ideas that I think are going to be quick and easy and they turn out taking more time than I thought…in fact, it seems like most of my crazy ideas end that way :) Here is a birthday cake I made that I thought would be simple, and although I wouldn’t say […]

My son turned 8 this week!! This year I couldn’t let his birthday go by without making him a special cake. I asked him a while ago what kind of cake he would like and I got a whole list of crazy ideas…Star Wars ships, army guns, a hockey player… the easy stuff. His best […]

I made my wedding cake before I started creating cake tutorials so I don’t have an official tutorial to share with you…but since I have had quite a few people ask me how I made it I thought I would at least share a few tips with you. I covered the entire cake in a […]

It’s almost the 4th so I couldn’t help but makes some 4th of July cakes. I thought they would be a quick easy project but I was wrong. I have made petit fours in the past and they haven’t been so hard, so I was expecting these to be the same. What I didn’t account […]

One of my favorite things about cake decorating is how many different styles are out there and how creative people can be with their cakes. I love getting inspired by the talents of others. It makes me want to dive right in and continue to experiment and expand my knowledge of cake decorating. Lately, I […]

So, I’ve been on a bit of a kick with these bauble cakes. I ended up making too many and in order to not let them go to waste I decided to experiment with decorating them and see where I got. I’m not as satisfied with this one as I am with the others, but […]

I couldn’t help making more of these cute little cakes. They really are so much fun to make and there are so many things you can do with them. If you missed my last post, I posted a tutorial on how to make them. You can check it out here. This post is to give […]

I have seen these little sphere cakes before but I didn’t know what to call them. After a bit of research I found out that they are called bauble cakes. They are especially popular around Christmas time, where you can decorate them as Christmas ornaments. I think they are so unique and make exceptionally beautiful […]

I have always loved the look of paper quilling and thought that it would be a fun technique to try out on a cake.  I haven’t quilled too much paper in my days  but I do know that it is a ton easier with paper than it is with fondant. But none-the-less I had to […]