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  Our sister site is now up and running. If you haven’t seen it yet head on over to The Sugared Sparrow where we specialize in all things sweet. While you are there take the time to order your Christmas cookie gift sets! We have put together 6 stunning options that will fit all of […]

This week I was asked to come up with some fun cookies for a gals Bunco game night. All I know about Bunco is it involves dice and it is super fun. Oh, I also have read that if you add a few martinis to the mix it is even more fun! Maybe I will […]

One of my all time favorite restaurants is Red Stone Grill. One of the best things on their menu (besides everything) is their Chocolate chip cookie dessert. I know, I know…it’s a cookie. Why would I go to a fantastic restaurant that makes amazing food and order a chocolate chip cookie? Because it’s that good.

It’s almost Easter!  So I thought I would make some Easter sugar cookies the other day. I have these really cute Easter cookie cutters that I’ve been wanting to use but when I went to get them I couldn’t find them anywhere. I ‘m a bit disappointed. I went for the second best thing, nicely […]

Sugar cookies are a staple around Christmas time. Even though they are as simple as you can get as far as cookies go, I still love them because of their endless decorating possibilities. These snowflake cookies are one of my favorites. I’m including a very good sugar cookie recipe below, but if decorating is more […]

These gingerbread cookies are great for creating fun shapes and for decorating . They are crunchy, not soft and gooey. So if  you are looking for a soft gingerbread cookie this recipe is not for you. But like I’ve said before, there is no shame in using store bought dough if you are short on […]