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A while ago I posted some pictures of cupcakes that I made for my moms birthday but I never got around to putting together a tutorial …until now. Like I mentioned in the last post I love creating gum paste flowers and decorations for cakes and cupcakes but sometime I don’t have the time to […]

I couldn’t help making more of these cute little cakes. They really are so much fun to make and there are so many things you can do with them. If you missed my last post, I posted a tutorial on how to make them. You can check it out here. This post is to give […]

I have seen these little sphere cakes before but I didn’t know what to call them. After a bit of research I found out that they are called bauble cakes. They are especially popular around Christmas time, where you can decorate them as Christmas ornaments. I think they are so unique and make exceptionally beautiful […]

I have always loved the look of paper quilling and thought that it would be a fun technique to try out on a cake.  I haven’t quilled too much paper in my days  but I do know that it is a ton easier with paper than it is with fondant. But none-the-less I had to […]

It was my father-in-law’s birthday not that long ago so I decided to make him an Opus One cake. Not only because he is our families wine connoisseur, but also because we had talked about trying it some day ever since we had used Opus One wine crates for decorations at my wedding. Even though […]

It’s almost Easter!  So I thought I would make some Easter sugar cookies the other day. I have these really cute Easter cookie cutters that I’ve been wanting to use but when I went to get them I couldn’t find them anywhere. I ‘m a bit disappointed. I went for the second best thing, nicely […]

I love this little pear cake! It was this little cake that made me fall in love with cake decorating. Believe it or not this is the first cake I ever decorated…(besides a few cakes I did when I was nine). It was also the first time I ever used fondant.

Almost every year when I was growing up my Grandma would make my birthday cake. And she always gave me the choice of what kind I wanted. It was a hard decision since ALL of the cakes she made were fabulous! It usually came down to one of three cakes…Chocolate, banana or lemonade cake. It […]

Ok, so I have to be honest. I love decorating cakes and cupcakes. Especially with fondant! But sometimes I don’t want to spend tons of time doing it, but I want to make it look like I did. That’s where these wonderful little cake toppers come in handy. They are quick and easy and give […]

I never realized what an art form cake decorating is. Sometimes I hear people talk a lot about how crazy they think it is to put so much time into decorating cakes when it’s just going to be eaten anyway…but I think that is the best part of decorating…

I made two of these cakes last year for superbowl parties. They were a fun way to celebrate and fun to make. I’ve seen a lot of cake designers pipe on grass with butter cream frosting. In fact they have a special piping tip to help give you the look of grass. But since this […]