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It’s that time of year when I just can’t seem to get enough of certain foods like sweet corn, watermelon and asparagus to name a few. In fact, now that I think about it I believe it is grilling and picnic food that I craving. Even though this isn’t a grilled asparagus recipe it does […]

Oven roasted chicken is one of my favorite dishes. It is almost as good as a rotisserie chicken. It is not only good as a main course but it adds great flavor to so many recipes, from chicken salads to soups and sandwiches. Oven Roasted Chicken with Baby Red Potatoes 1.5 lb baby red potatoes, […]

This is a great rub for any meat. I especially love it on chicken but can also be used for pork chops or steak. It is easy to make ahead of time and in bulk so you can have it on hand when you need it. The other thing I like about this is how […]

This is a very delicious and simple berry crisp that is quick and easy to throw together. I also like it because you bake it frozen so it is easy to make ahead of time. You just keep it in the freezer until you are ready to make it. It’s not overly sweet like a […]

I’m trading in the crock-pot, chili and hot-dishes for something fresher. Salsa! It’s spring – it’s a great time for out door picnics, barbeques and parties. What better way to celebrate it than with some chips and homemade salsa. Here are 5 super easy and delicious salsa recipes. Pico De Gallo This traditional Mexican relish […]

It’s almost Easter!  So I thought I would make some Easter sugar cookies the other day. I have these really cute Easter cookie cutters that I’ve been wanting to use but when I went to get them I couldn’t find them anywhere. I ‘m a bit disappointed. I went for the second best thing, nicely […]

Bruschetta is a traditional Italian appetizer. Although I can’t claim that this recipe to true to it’s Italian roots, I can say that it is delicious and so easy to make. So if you have 15 minutes and want to start an Italian dinner right, or just want a tasty snack you can’t go wrong […]

Almost every year when I was growing up my Grandma would make my birthday cake. And she always gave me the choice of what kind I wanted. It was a hard decision since ALL of the cakes she made were fabulous! It usually came down to one of three cakes…Chocolate, banana or lemonade cake. It […]

There’s nothing better than fresh squeezed lemonade in the summer (or anytime for that matter). I know it take a bit more time to make it but it really is worth it. I made some the other day and it didn’t last more than an few hours and it was gone. I started making fresh […]

This is just a better version of my fresh squeezed mint lemonade. It is super easy to make and great for any cocktail party. Juice of 3 fresh squeezed lemons 2 Tb. superfine sugar or simple syrup 3 fresh mint leaves 2 ounces vodka (or 1.5 oz. vodka and .5 oz. triple sec) Ice sugar […]

This is such an easy sandwich to make and it tastes and looks so nummy and fresh. It uses one of my all time favorite ingredients, olive tapenade! I have to admit that I’m not a huge sandwich fan, but with the right bread and some not-your-average ingredients, I am learning to like them more […]

This is on of my all time favorite snacks. Kalamata olive tapenade. I can eat it on just about anything…even with a spoon! Not only  am I a huge fan of Kalamata olives but I’m a huge fan of salt. So you can’t beat this recipe. It’s simple. Only a few ingredients and you have […]