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I have always loved making themed desserts. The 4th of July is extra fun because there is so much you can do with red, white and blue. Here is a quick idea of a dessert that you can make in no time. It looks great and takes no time to make what-so-ever. All it is […]

One of my all time favorite restaurants is Red Stone Grill. One of the best things on their menu (besides everything) is their Chocolate chip cookie dessert. I know, I know…it’s a cookie. Why would I go to a fantastic restaurant that makes amazing food and order a chocolate chip cookie? Because it’s that good.

I always found that my pie crust were either hit or miss. Sometimes they were great and other times not so good. I love buttery pie crust that are flaky and I now have a recipe that produces them perfectly ever time. I found a great pie crust is less about the recipe and more […]

As the fresh berry season comes to a close what better way to send it off but a berry cream cheese tart. I love this tart because it is so easy to make and so hard to mess up. Quick and simple…always a favorite. The first thing I love so much about this tart is […]

This is a very delicious and simple berry crisp that is quick and easy to throw together. I also like it because you bake it frozen so it is easy to make ahead of time. You just keep it in the freezer until you are ready to make it. It’s not overly sweet like a […]

It’s almost Easter!  So I thought I would make some Easter sugar cookies the other day. I have these really cute Easter cookie cutters that I’ve been wanting to use but when I went to get them I couldn’t find them anywhere. I ‘m a bit disappointed. I went for the second best thing, nicely […]

Almost every year when I was growing up my Grandma would make my birthday cake. And she always gave me the choice of what kind I wanted. It was a hard decision since ALL of the cakes she made were fabulous! It usually came down to one of three cakes…Chocolate, banana or lemonade cake. It […]

These individual serving pies are so much fun. They take a bit more time to make but they are worth it. They are especially great if you are having a  dessert spread or an appetizers meal. Of course the lattice topping takes some time not only to put together but also to master. If you […]

Sugar cookies are a staple around Christmas time. Even though they are as simple as you can get as far as cookies go, I still love them because of their endless decorating possibilities. These snowflake cookies are one of my favorites. I’m including a very good sugar cookie recipe below, but if decorating is more […]

These gingerbread cookies are great for creating fun shapes and for decorating . They are crunchy, not soft and gooey. So if  you are looking for a soft gingerbread cookie this recipe is not for you. But like I’ve said before, there is no shame in using store bought dough if you are short on […]

This recipe adds a wonderful twist to a classic pecan pie. Not only does it have a rich, complex flavor but the chocolate drizzle on top sends it to a whole different level of delicious goodness. Since it also looks as wonderful as it tastes it will make you want to skip dinner and jump […]

Like most of the things I cook, I like taking traditional recipes and spicing them up a bit. Even though pumpkin pie is perfectly wonderful on its own and doesn’t need any help, I couldn’t resist trying something new with it. That how I got this pumpkin tart with a pecan streusel topping. It’s slightly […]