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I have always loved all types of photography. But if I had to choose my favorite it would have to be food photography. I can’t really tell you why though. Maybe it has something to do with my immense love for food. Maybe it’s because the subject never talks back or is never disappointed when […]

Sadly it seems like the last of our nice weather has passed. I am a little disappointed. Ok, a lot disappointed!  I love warm October days! I was out running around in my back yard the other week with my son and his friends. They were fishing in the pond and I took the time […]

I just found out about a FREE webinar that CreativeLive is putting on this week and I thought you might be interested in it. I know it is very late notice but if you have the free time this weekend it looks like it will be worth it. The three day webinar is called Dramatic […]

In my last photography post I letyou know about a webinar that CreativeLive was putting on this weekend. It not only featured the creative work of Doug Landreth but it was a walk through of how to use lightroom and photoshop to create more stunning artistic photos. Like all of their webinars this one has […]

Creative Live it putting on another Free Webinar and it looks just as amazing as the last one! Again, I can’t wait. I was so impressed with their Food Photography Webinar with Penny de los Santos. It was very well done and the amount of valuable information they packed into the three days was incredible. […]

First let me say WOW!  Penny De Los Santos, a contributing photographer for Natural Geographic, is an amazing photographer. Her ability to capture food is remarkable. I just found out that she is putting on a three-day online course the will cover the art of  photographing food. Of course I am signed up. I am […]

The task for the day was to continue to fine tune my eye for detail. Down town St. Paul has some really amazing architectural details. But today I wasn’t looking for just any detail, I was looking for doors. Taking good detail shots requires two things, a correctly set up camera and a trained eye. […]

From time to time I like to go out and just find things to photograph. It becomes a fun outing that I can do with my son and a good way for me to keep practicing my photography skills. I went out one day to photograph just fences. I find it to been good practice […]

A few mile down the road from our house is a junk yard. It doesn’t look like much more than a pile of junk (go figure). So I decided one day to go out there and expand my ability to spot a good picture. It was a bit of a challenge. And I’m sure the […]

I was going through some old pictures the other day and ran across these three. I love them! They remind me of camping and being in the great out doors. I took these shots when my son and I went on a camping trip to Yellowstone National Park. What an amazing vacation that was. It […]

I have a tough time taking pictures of people on the streets (even when it is my job to do so). I feel like I am invading their privacy. But when I saw Abe Lincoln walking down the streets of Nashville, I couldn’t resist.  I heard  that it’s not uncommon to find Ab Lincoln presenters […]

I love this shot for so many reasons. First, I think this is the cutest “cow” I have ever seen. Second, I love how he seemed to be waiting for me to take his picture. But mostly I love this picture because of what I had to do to get it.  It seems like every […]