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Easter Cookies

Tuesday, April 19

It’s almost Easter!  So I thought I would make some Easter sugar cookies the other day. I have these really cute Easter cookie cutters that I’ve been wanting to use but when I went to get them I couldn’t find them anywhere. I ‘m a bit disappointed. I went for the second best thing, nicely decorated round cookies. Even though it wasn’t what I had in mind, I ended up really liking them.

They are much easier than they look and once you get the hang of it they are reasonably quick. There are two types of icing you are going to use. Actually its really one recipe made two different ways. Royal icing, thick and thin. I posted the recipe in a previous post. You can get it here.

Start by out lining the cookies in royal icing. I was short on time so I just outlined them in white. But to make them look the best, outline them in the color that you are going to fill them with. That way you won’t see the outline.

If you are going to spend some time with these, this would be the part to spend time on. The final icing will take the shape of the outline. So if your outline is misshaped your final icing will be too.

Next you want to fill them with pourable royal icing. Which is just royal icing that has been watered down until it pours easily. You want to make sure it pours easily but isn’t watery. I don’t have a great recipe for this, I just add a little water at a time until it drips off of a spoon easily. Add a few drops of food coloring at this point as well.

These will take some time to harden up. The best is to let them sit over night. But if you don’t have that kind of time (I didn’t when I made these) you can always place them in front of a low blowing fan. I may take a couple hours to dry.

After they set you can move on to the fun part! Decorating them. I usually don’t use a pattern, I just free hand them. They don’t have to be perfect. After piping your design onto the cookie, take a small (clean) paintbrush and pull the frosting down a bit to give it a more painted look, and less piped.

That’s it! They really are easier than they look. They are fun and simple, but best of all taste great.


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