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Hockey and wine – an unlikely pair

Monday, June 17

I am a hockey mom. Which means I spend most of my winter (and fall, and spring) in a freezing cold ice rink. Most of the time when you think of hockey, you don’t think of wine. In fact, you think of everything opposite of wine; ice, freezing cold, fights, beer, nachos, mullets. When you think of wine you think, sophistication, relaxation, wonderful meals and chatter of friends. So it seems unlikely to join the two, but I tried and it worked!


I seemed fitting that after lugging little boys to and from the rink, cleaning smelly gear, and spending countless hours in a cold rink that us hockey moms did something for ourselves. We settled on wine, cheese and chocolate nights. We sent our hockey players and husbands away for the evening and enjoyed some well deserved non-hockey time.


Throwing together a wine party is super easy. I find that sharing the work load is the best way to go about it-ask everyone to bring an item. Not only does it make it easier for you, but it also allows you to try a greater variety of food and wine.

For our wine nights we decided to pair it with cheese and chocolate. I provided two wines, one white and one red, a small assortment of cheese and a few chocolates. I then asked everyone else to bring their favorite, wine, chocolate or cheese. The assortment was wonderful.

Whitney and the team at have come up with some great wines you can try at your next wine tasting event. Sometimes it hard to know what to bring. They have some great tips to make it easier for you.

Grab some wine inspiration here>>

I will leave you with two of my favorite party recipes. They are super easy to make and go great with any wine.

Balsamic Bruchetta


  Olive Tapenade


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