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Quick easy frozen flag dessert

Monday, June 24

I have always loved making themed desserts. The 4th of July is extra fun because there is so much you can do with red, white and blue. Here is a quick idea of a dessert that you can make in no time. It looks great and takes no time to make what-so-ever.

All it is is sherbet and ice cream. The combinations tastes like a raspberry creamsicle. All you have to do is soften your sherbet at room temperature until it is soft enough to press into a bread pan. Use a spoon warmed in hot water to smooth out your layers. Once you have a flat sherbet layer, pop it back into the freezer to harden up. Repeat the process with ice cream adding however many layers you choose.

Once it is frozen you may have to carefully run the pan under warm water to loosen it enough to slide onto a cutting board. Then just slice and serve.

I added the blue touches with blueberries although I’m sure if you look hard enough you may find a blue ice cream you could use. The blueberries work great though since they not only add color but also represent the stars.

Winetable.com is suggesting a few sparkling wines to go along with this tasty dessert. I never thought about pairing it with a sparkling wine. It sounds really good and it gives me a great idea for next time I make this… homemade shorbet made from sparkling wine. Now that would be good! In the mean time you can just add a glass to go along with your slice of  dessert.    Get some sparkling wine ideas here >>

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