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Free: Food Photography Workshop

Tuesday, May 10

First let me say WOW!  Penny De Los Santos, a contributing photographer for Natural Geographic, is an amazing photographer. Her ability to capture food is remarkable. I just found out that she is putting on a three-day online course the will cover the art of  photographing food. Of course I am signed up. I am so looking forward to learning from her.

Although it is a bit late, I thought I would pass on the information to you.

The course is called Food Photography with Penny De Los Santos and is hosted by CreativeLIVE.

The three day course is held May 13-15

Hope you get a chance to sign up! See you there!

Here is a except from the site “When you think about food photography, it’s not just about what’s on the plate. It’s about everything around it. The details, the scenes, the people, the culture, the history, the geography, and especially the moments. Food connects all of us. For Penny De Los Santos, food photography is the crossroad, where culture, food, and people come together.”

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