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Free Webinar with David Nightingale

Tuesday, October 4

I just found out about a FREE webinar that CreativeLive is putting on this week and I thought you might be interested in it. I know it is very late notice but if you have the free time this weekend it looks like it will be worth it.

The three day webinar is called Dramatic Post-Production with David Nightingale.  David Nightingale will not only cover post production photography work in programs such as Photoshop and Photomatix but he will also be going over how to take a photo with the end result in mind.

He is also cover a section on HDR (high dynamic Range) which I am really excited about. I love HDR but more often than not I see it over used and the results are very unrealistic. David has a section on practical HRD that he is going to go over which teaches realist HDR application.

I think there can be a lot a fear when it comes to editing photos. How much editing is too much? Where is the line that takes my photos from dynamic to fake? Will people see a beautiful image or will they see the photoshop work? Sometimes this fear can hold us back from making the most out of our images. One way to overcome this is to learn as much as you can about editing. The more educated we are the more powerfully we will be able to use photo editing to create stunning pieces of art.

The three day Webinar starts this Friday October 7th at 12pm Eastern time and ends on Sunday October 9th. You can get more information at and can also sign up for the webinar there as well.

All photos by David Nightingale


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