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Photomorphis with Doug Landreth

Tuesday, May 24

Creative Live it putting on another Free Webinar and it looks just as amazing as the last one! Again, I can’t wait. I was so impressed with their Food Photography Webinar with Penny de los Santos. It was very well done and the amount of valuable information they packed into the three days was incredible. This upcoming webinar looks like it will be just as valuable.

Here is an excerpt from the site that explains a bit about what this webinar will cover.

“Do your photographs reflect the fullest expression of your creative vision? In this special look at artistic post-production, we follow award-winning photographer Doug Landreth as he shows you how to infuse your photos with complex textures and rich patinas.

Create imagery that expands and expresses your photography as a collage of colors and patterns. Doug’s digitally-assembled images are saturated and painterly in tone and process, and reveal memorable results that are often as haunting as they are beautiful. Doug’s award-winning photographic style and digital secrets will be the focus of this special LIVE ONLINE workshop.”

The classes will be held Friday June 10 and Saturday June 11.

To register for this class visit CreativeLive or check out more of Doug Landreth’s work a


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