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Winter Tree

Sunday, June 12

In my last photography post I letyou know about a webinar that CreativeLive was putting on this weekend. It not only featured the creative work of Doug Landreth but it was a walk through of how to use lightroom and photoshop to create more stunning artistic photos. Like all of their webinars this one has prooved to be amazing and so information packed. I can honestly say that I have learned more about the tools in photoshop and lightroom in the last two days than I did in the semesters that I took in school.

Hopefully you had the change to sign up but if you didn’t you should really consider their future classes. They are amazing!

Here is last nights assignment. Not too bad for the lack of time I was able to spend on it. Just for fun I thought I would show you the original as well. Not as exciting to look at but it is fun to see the difference.

Well I’m off to view the remainder of the course. I’m looking forward to learning some more! If want to check CreativeLive out here is the link.

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